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Helmet use in preventing acute concussive symptoms in recreational vehicle related head trauma

Helmets use has proved effective in reducing head trauma (HT) severity in children riding non-motorised recreational vehicles. Scant data are available on their role in reducing concussive symptoms in children with HT while riding non-motorised recreational vehicles such as bicycles, push scooters and skateboards (BSS). We aimed to investigate whether helmet use is associated with a reduction in acute concussive symptoms in children with BSS-related-HT

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The Hazards of Disc Batteries
Disc batteries
Who and what do I X-Ray?

Poor outcomes are associated with unknown ingestions/ insertions and delays in diagnosis. Damage occurs in as little as one hour.
Therefore, X-rays looking for disc batteries need to be processed urgently.

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Statewide Plan for Improving Quad Bike Safety in Queensland 2016 - 2019


Serious incidents resulting from the use of quad bikes for  work and recreational activities is becoming an increasingly  prevalent issue for the Queensland community.

Over the past 15 years, 69 people have been killed in quad  bike incidents in Queensland and many more injured.  This is unacceptable and the emotional and financial costs to families and the community are immense.

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing  incidents involving quad bikes and supports a coordinated  whole-of-government approach to improving quad bike safety.

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Safety Circus 2013 Report

Safety Circus was a dynamic applied theatre production for Grade 3 students, presented in their own schools. The key messages were based on protective behaviours, bike safety and bullying strategies.

An experienced young director wrote the drama with reference to current police protective behaviour policy.

Mackay CQUniversity students studying Bachelor of Theatre at Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, CQUniversity performed 18 presentations over 6 days during school term time.

This report will outline the process that was undertaken to enable this project to be presented in the Mackay Police District and present an assessment to its success.

Safety Circus Opal Award Nomination
Safety Circus 2013 Final Report
The Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit (QISU) has been collecting Level 2 injury surveillance data from participating hospital emergency departments across Queensland since 1988. Current participating hospitals provide injury data representative of urban, rural and remote areas of the state. Using this data, QISU produces a bi-monthly bulletin that analyses data according to specific injury topics and sets that data in the context of relevant local, national and international research and policy.
QISU data has been used to inform public discussion, research, policy development, legislative change and coronial inquiries at state national and international level.  The database can measure the frequency of injuries, provide demographic information and detail activity, location and main product or factor involved in the injury.  Data is analysed on request and distributed (in a de-identified form) for use to a range of end users. Access to identifiable data is possible with relevant ethics clearance.

QISU performs an important advocacy and representational role, interpreting injury data and developing preventative strategies in collaboration with communities and groups who are able to put those strategies into practice. QISU has developed relationships with a wide range of consumer, industry, not-for-profit and government groups and has representation on a number of state and national safety committees.

QISU is funded by Queensland Health with the support of the Mater Health Services Brisbane.